About GrindEQ

GrindEQ — Grinder of EQuations — offers to its customers a set of solutions which help to avoid an annoying routine of retyping equations and thus save a lot of valuable time.

Transforming equations between different formats is quite a problem for the scientists, especially while preparing papers for scientific conferences, workshops, etc. That was the reason why the group of professors and students created GrindEQ Team during the international workshop on intelligent automation systems in the year 1996 and started the GrindEQ Project.

The main goal of the GrindEQ Project is to perform an automatic conversion of equations between LaTeX and Microsoft Equation / MathType formats. The early releases, named Word-to-TeX and TeX-to-Word, were successfully used to prepare scientific papers for numerous international conferences and workshops in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, and other countries. In the year 2002 the GrindEQ Project became commercial.

In 2009 GrindEQ has launched the online conversion service. You don't need to install any additional software on your computer for using this service. Whatever OS you use - Microsoft Windows, Linux, or MacOS, the online conversion service can help you with transforming your documents between different formats.

For now, GrindEQ counts thousands of customers in many countries all over the world.

GrindEQ is grateful to all its registered customers. Your contribution helps to extend our research efforts, which aim for improving performance of the existing products, implementing new features in the existing products, developing new products, that make your life easier.

We are extremely interested in your opinion about GrindEQ Math Utilities. Feel free sending any critics, credits, improvement suggestions, etc. to feedback@grindeq.com.


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