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Download universal GrindEQ installer (32-bit and 64-bit compatible)

DOWNLOAD GrindEQ Math Utilities 2018

If your antivirus blocks downloading, try this link:


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You must have the Administrative Rights on your computer: right click on the executable file and select Run as administrator.


Select modules you want to install. You will be able to install other modules later.

After the installation of GrindEQ Math Utilities is complete, choose the GrindEQ Options from the Windows Start menu. And then enable (or disable) optional GrindEQ Math ribbon, which will be integrated into Microsoft Word.


Note, the GrindEQ Math ribbon contains macros. If your antivirus does not allow macros, use standard dialogs:
Save As ... LaTeX [GrindEQ]
Open ... LaTeX [GrindEQ]
Save As ... Microsoft Equation [GrindEQ]


Languages and themes

Currently national languages are being prepared for downloading. Everyone is welcome to supply own languages and themes, please visit Languages and themes specifications.


Please contact for collaboration details.