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Academic Pricing

The following individuals are eligible for special academic prices:

  • Full or part-time student. You must be an enrolled student at an accredited K-12 educational institution or higher education institution organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its students. To be qualified as a student of a higher education institution (an institution requiring its students to have completed their K-12 educational requirements) You must be enrolled and, at the time of Your acquisition of the Software Product, carrying at least six credit hours. In order to be considered an accredited institution, the institution must be a public or private K-12 school, vocational school, correspondence school, technical school, scientific school, junior college, college, university or other institution which is both (i) organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its K-12 or higher education students; and (ii) institutionally accredited by a Regional Institutional Accrediting Agency.
  • Full or part-time faculty or staff of an accredited educational institution. You must be employed by an accredited educational institution, as defined above, as faculty or as staff performing administrative duties primarily related to the education of such institution's students, on at least a part-time basis. Part-time shall mean at least twenty hours per week are spent by the user performing such faculty or staff duties.

Please enter the name of the academic institution with which you are affiliated:


Return to Regular Pricing if you are not eligible for an academic discount.